It’s time to navigate to a new adventure

At some point all people have the desire to know new corners of the world in which they transit in this way there are many companies willing to facilitate the conditions for you to achieve this goal efficiently and quickly by providing quality products.

If your passion is the sea, it is time for you to have the opportunity to travel it on a PERSHING 37 boat, which will be able to offer you pleasant moments accompanied by your family and closest friends, which will help you immortalize the great trip that awaits you.

You can easily embark on a new adventure to explore one of the most famous Spanish islands, Ibiza, or simply walk its calm waters with a favorable climate to enjoy the great views that can be offered by the ocean that stretches before you.

With a powerful engine this boat will be able to take you anywhere you need in total comfort, its interiors are designed to provide a comfortable resting area if you decide to spend more than a day at sea.

This rental boat of the Pershing brand has a Caterpillar engine which will not disappoint your travel expectations, giving you peace of mind since this brand is recognized worldwide for its great durability and resistance to the most adverse situations to which some machinery can be submitted.

It has a large amount of space so that 10 people can board it without feeling that they are saturated, has very intuitive navigation controls that will help the novice sailor to be able to locate easily in the coordinates you want to explore.

The best features of this boat

When a person wants to rent a boat should be aware of what type of boat leads to the high seas because this way you can have total confidence in their abilities, as well as being able to prepare various activities that the specifications of the boat allow.

The boat Pershing 37 has a length (length from bow to stern) of 12 meters and a beam (measured from starboard to port) that exceeds 3.25 meters which allows you to locate various recreational activities for your guests or for relatives who decide to accompany you.

Thanks to its fuel capacity of more than 750 liters can make long trips with ease before needing some recharging, this is because its engine has great power and low diesel consumption that allows a comfortable and fast movement.

This particular model of boat is from the year 2008 so many expert sailors will be highly familiar with its controls as they provide excellent help to locate the coordinates in which they are quickly and easily.

In its internal part has a good electrical system which helps to have some appliances such as microwaves and refrigerator to keep fresh supplies that you carry on board for your trip, always being recommended to have large quantities of drinkable liquids.

If you want an intense adventure on the high seas, rent this boat at Ibiza with a good price is one of the best options you can count on because thanks to the great offers offered by the pages like you can make it possible and have great rewarding experiences.